Wireless Communication Protocol


Every wireless system has to combat transmission and propagation effects that are substantially more hostile than for a wired system.

The vision of wireless communications supporting information exchange between people or devices is the communications frontier of the next few decades, and much of it already exists in some form. This vision will allow multimedia communication from anywhere in the world using a small handheld device or laptop. Wireless networks will connect palmtop, laptop, and desktop computers anywhere within an office building or campus, as well as from the corner cafe. In the home these networks will enable a new class of intelligent electronic devices that can interact with each other and with the Internet in addition to providing connectivity between computers, phones, and security/monitoring systems. Such smart homes can also help the elderly and disabled with assisted living, patient monitoring, and emergency response. Wireless entertainment will permeate the home and any place that people congregate. Wireless sensors have an enormous range of both commercial and military applications. Commercial applications include monitoring of fire hazards, hazardous waste sites, stress and strain in buildings and bridges, carbon dioxide movement and the spread of chemicals and gasses at a disaster site. These wireless sensors self-configure into a network to process and interpret sensor measurements and then convey this information to a centralized control location. Military applications include identification and tracking of enemy targets, detection of chemical and biological attacks, support of unmanned robotic vehicles, and counter-terrorism. Finally, wireless networks enable distributed control systems, with remote devices, sensors, and actuators linked together via wireless communication channels. Such networks enable automated highways, mobile robots, and easily-reconfigurable industrial automation..

  • ZigBee
  • RFID
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • 802.11
  • GPS : Global Positioning System