Vehicle Tracking System

How will vehicle tracking help me?

Monitoring driver behaviour helps you to improve driving efficiency and cut fuel consumption. Did you know that driving at 50mph can use 30% less fuel than at 70mph?

You can identify the nearest driver for new jobs, saving time and fuel while improving customer service

Analysing historical data for routes and customer site visits allows you to plan more efficient vehicle usage

Helps to produce more accurate customer invoicing and customer service records

Substantiated records help to reduce false overtime claims

Allows you to check your drivers are complying with the Working Time Directive

Improves security and protection for drivers and vehicles


How does it work?

The tracking box gives you visibility of your entire fleet in seconds, letting you know where they are, if the engine is switched on when stationary, which direction they are heading in, what speed they are travelling at and how far they are from the next customer

Information is available in real time on screen or as detailed reports, emailed to your in-box

You can view full aerial photography or traditional street mapping

Screen prompts alert office staff when engines have been switched on or off, when vehicles have been stationary for longer than an agreed limit or even when a service or MOT is due

You can also receive alerts linked to specific vehicle systems, including panic buttons, weight loads, back doors opening or tipping mechanisms