Intelligent Power Protection & Monitoring System

What is the Importance of VFP

  • Our electrical devices are just connected to the utility power supply without much knowing about the voltage and frequency of utility power supply.
  • Both of these two factors play an important role in the smooth working of electrical devices.
  • An over voltage or under voltage can suddenly destruct our valuable electrical devices.
  • Frequency variation is also a vital factor that we must consider for the working of inductive or capacitive devices. Motors, Coolers, Refrigerators etc are a few examples for inductive and capacitive devices.
  • Frequency variation from the stipulated amount can burn these equipments.
  • Spikes and surges are other factors that can alter the normal working performance of electrical devices.
  • During all these cases we need a compact but powerful protector that can take care of your electrical equipments.
  • The design is based on Microcontroller based automation technology.
  • The Microcontroller is flashed with powerful algorithms in order to monitor the various electrical parameters.
  • The main advantage is small size, quick response and easy updating of internal algorithms.

  • Technology

  • The sampling accuracy is determined by the algorithm that is flashed inside the MC unit. Since Microcontroller is analyzing data, the processed data can be sent to any PC or over an electronic network.
  • Based on sampling accuracy we can find the above parameters precisely.