Token Display Unit :-: Queue Management System

INTECH-LED : Token Display Unit

INTECH LED Display system is a crowd manager for banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Doctors Clinics, Airports, Railway stations, Retails outlet, Showrooms, Theatres, Shops, Offices, Factories, Restaurants and other such Public Dealing Offices where people have to wait in line for their turn. The system increases the efficiency of the facility by providing users with a rapid, accurate service.

Token Display System is designed as a modular queue system. It directs a customer holding a numbered ticket to the first available room or counter. Customer collects the ticket/ token from reception or ticket from wall-mounted printer and the call is made from a single button or key pad at each caller's location. Token Management is on First-In-First-Out basis.


  • High bright LED display
  • Microprocessor based
  • Audio & video recall facility
  • Volume control adjustable
  • Easy installation
  • Simple operation
  • 4 inches high LED Displays - High visibility
  • Bank and corporate logos can be provided on the top of the display
  • Multilingual front panel (colors and power coating as per your corporate identity)
  • Models With Moving Message display also available
  • Uniform glow LED
  • Female human voice
  • Works on 230V.A.C.
  • Robust and sleek designs in ABS plastic molded cabinets
  • Feather touch and long durability dust proof key pad
  • Multi-Counter displays and custom designed systems for efficient Q-management.
  • Parallel and Double sided displays available.
  • Serving successfully to many banks, hospitals, doctors, restaurants, canteens, etc.
  • Token Printing Machine is also available.
  • Customized models can be provided for better visitor management systems.




Banks (Banking and co-operative societies interest rate), Bureau de change (Foreign exchange rates), Hotels & fast food means, Airport (Duty -free prices), Travel Agencies (Flight & Holiday rate), Shipping Lines, Casinos, Cinema complexes for numeric information.

Approximat Weight : 2000 gm Power: 230V AC
Display Array: Available Display Memory: Available
Case Material: Aluminum Mounting : Wall Mountable & Table Top