Token Dispenser / Token Printer

Token Dispenser / Token Printer

All Hospitals, Banks, SME and other service providing premises feels the need to streamline movement of their customers in their premises. Such orderliness helps both customers & enterprise staff. Customers get the assurance of timely attention and staff can concentrate on one customer at a time.

Token Dispenser or token printer system can be used to issue printed token slips with sequential token number. It can be used either in stand-alone manner by small businesses or as a part of Electronic Queue Management System.

Token printing system can be used in stand-alone mode to print token slips by pressing a key. It prints sequential token number on thermal printer.

Token Dispenser - Auto Cutter (Model: INTECH-TD-A-01)

Token Dispenser/ Printer with Auto Cutting option is very useful for banks and hospitals where customer can take printed token ticket from the dispenser without any effort. It is having full-cut and half-cut options and customizable according to our customer demands and requirements.

Token Dispenser - Manual Cutter (Model: INTECH-TD-M-01)

Token Dispenser/ Printer with Manual Cutter (Model: INTECH-TD-M-01) is a low cost module for issuing token tickets. It is best suitable for service points where there is an operator available. The printed token tickets have to tear it out with the help of inbuilt cutting edge. It is suitable where small and medium operations and where an operator is available.

Token Dispenser - Side View

The systems designed in such a way that it is simple in look and feel and very easy to install. No technical expertise is required for the installation work.

Thermal printers print more quietly and usually faster than impact dot matrix printers. They are also smaller, lighter and consume less power, making them ideal for portable and retail applications. In the system, a thermo-sensitive paper is inserted between the thermal head and the platen and there is no cartridge is using.


  • Printing Method: Thermal
  • Paper Width: 57.5mm
  • Paper Diameter: 55mm
  • Resolution: 203DPI
  • Printing Speed: Max 90mm/s at 9V
  • Barcode Supported: I25,UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN-8, EAN-13,Codebar,Code39,Code93,Code128,Code11,MSI
  • Font: ASCII(12x24)
  • Graphic printing: Direct bitmap printing
  • Paper Sensor: Photo-sensor
  • Head tempeture detection: Thermistor
  • Communication Interface: UART with RS232 level
  • Power supply: 4.0V-8.5V
  • Printing width: 48mm
  • Operation condition: 5~45oC, 20~90%RH(40oC)
  • Storage condition: -40~60oC, 20~93%RH(40oC)



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