Solar LED Lantern

Solar LED Lantern

Add a welcoming glow to your home, deck or garden with the delightful LED Lantern. As the LED Lantern has a built in rechargeable battery, providing light for up to hours. It takes just four hours to fully recharge the LED Lantern. The bright LED lantern can be set on a table, or hang from a tree or shepherd's hook. The rechargeable lantern also make great emergency lighting in case of a power failure. With old-style design and handle you can take the whole LED lantern with you to an outdoor concert or camping trip. These rechargeable lanterns feature clear glass chimney, with a designer finished base. You get rechargeable lantern and the charger to light up the night wherever you are.

Technical Specification:

  • Using high bright LED.
  • Using 6V 4ah SMF battery.
  • Charging by 3W solar panel
  • Green LED for full charging indication.
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Working time: Upto 6 hours.
  • Easy carrying handle to ensure comfortable and ergonomic access.

Benefits of Solar Lights and Lanterns for the rural world

The Solar LED Lanterns are expected to make an enormous contribution toward improving the lives of people living in rural Villages, enabling children to study at night time and providing adults with the opportunity to supplement their income even after dark.

Extends the Working day in rural areas

On average it is dark by 6:30 year round. Solar Lighting allows rural families to extend their workday into the evening hours. Many villages where solar lights are installed see a increase in their economic activitiy levels. Installing Solar lights in villages allows businesses to operate during the evening. Solar electricity helps promote local enterprises as small shops and village markets can use the systems to provide lighting to operate during the evening.

Improves Health issues

Fumes from kerosene lamps in poorly ventilated houses are a serious health problem in much of the world where electric light is unavailable. The World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children breathing kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of smoke from 2 packs of cigarettes a day. By the use of Solar Lanterns these issues are resolved.

Stems Urban Migration

Improving the quality of life through solar lighting at the rural household and village level helps stem migration to mega-cities. Also, studies have shown a direct correlation between the availability of proper light and lower birth rates in some studies.

Saves Energy

Solar electricity for the Third World is clearly the most effective energy conservation program because it conserves costly conventional power for urban areas, town market centers, and industrial and commercial uses, leaving decentralized PV-generated power to provide the lighting and basic electrical needs of the majority of the developing world's rural populations.

Reduces local air pollution

Use of solar electric systems decreases the amount of local air pollution. With a decrease in the amount of kerosene used for lighting, there is a corresponding reduction in the amount of local pollution produced. Solar rural electrification also decreases the amount of electricity needed from small diesel generators.