Development Tools


Menus and Toolbars provide optimum access to all IDE features including the editor, debugger, customizable tool menu and online help.

Project Window offers clear visibility and easy management of all files associated with design project.Source Editor Window helps create programs using the language-sensitive, fullfeatured editor. Debugging assembly or C language programs with the source in full view is supported. Useful debug features, such as breakpoint markers and program counter location, dramatically speed debugging.Output Window conveniently displays the assembler output and listing file. Register Windows and Memory Windows help in examining and directly modifying memory, register and Flash contents during debugging. These flexible windows are automatically updated each time program execution stops, and values that changed are highlighted

  • MPLAB IDE for PIC microcontrollers
  • Micro c for PIC and 8051
  • ORCAD: Schematic Capture & PCB layout
  • Keil Micro vision IDE for ARM family microcontrollers
  • Keil Micro vision IDE for X-51 family microcontrollers
  • PROTEUS Designer for Schematic and PCB design