The microcontrollers are similar to microprocessors, but they are designed to work as a true single chip system by integrating all the devices needed for a system on a single chip. The basic functional units of a microprocessor will be ALU, a set of registers, timing and control unit. The microcontroller will have these functional blocks and in addition may have I/O ports, programmable timer, RAM memory and EPROM/ EPROM memory.

The microcontroller is a programmable IC manufactured by VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technique, and capable of performing arithmetic and logical operations. The basic functional blocks of a microcontroller are ALU, Flag register, Register array, Program Counter (PC), Instruction decoding Unit, Timing and Control unit, RAM memory, EPROM/EEPROM memory, parallel I/O port, serial I/O port, programmable timer, ADC and DAC.

  • Microprocessors / Microcontrollers
  • Intel : 8085, 8086
  • Atmel : 89C51/52/55
  • PIC controllers
  • 8bit Microcontroller (X-51) - AT89S52
  • 32bit ARM based Processors