Access Control

  • Finger Print
  • RFID-Mifare

In physical security, the term Access Control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as a card access system.

Biometric :

Inometrics provides the latest non-intrusive biometric security solutions. We are also offers customized solutions to allow integration of our biometric security software with your existing IT environment. Our biometric devices and biometric software products include Fingerprint Time & Attendance, Fingerprint Access Control systems, USB Fingerprint Scanners, Embedded Fingerprint reader Modules,Biometric Computer Logon, Web Based ID, Inometric's proven technology allows customers to develop highly scalable biometric security solutions.Our fingerprint readers are ideal for government and enterprise applications.


Most organizations today require a performing and efficient access control system. There are many reasons for having such a system and these include.

1) Enhanced security to limit access to restricted areas,

2) Tracking employee activity

3) Improve loss prevention

An RFID access control system can provide an easy and efficient solution. RFID badges can be read from much further distances than other traditional technologies and the embedded electronic information for each badge can be over-written repeatedly. The increased reading distance thus enables other tracking technologies like surveillance cameras to be activated in conjunction with an employee being in their vicinity. Furthermore, multiple RFID badges can be read all at the same time. Information about employee access, attendance, and duties performed, can be easily and efficiently monitored and stored in a database.